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Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) is there for women in crisis. With your support, we’re able to let her know she is not alone and it’s not too late to save her unborn baby. Heartbeat International supports Abortion Pill Rescue Network to reverse the effects of the first chemical abortion pill through a life saving protocol

With your generosity, you can help expand awareness for this life saving protocol and equip more healthcare professionals to join the network. Your gift makes it possible to provide vital chemical abortion reversal protocols. Every gift helps us reach women in need.

Will you be a miracle and join us to give them hope?

Why Heartbeat International?

Your gift helps give hope through the lifesaving protocol to reverse an abortion. Every $650 funds one lifesaving protocol and reaches one mom and rescues one baby.

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*All contributions are tax-deductible. Contributions will be used to support all Heartbeat National & International Pro-Life Programs. Heartbeat International respects your privacy. When you donate online, we will not sell your information to anyone else. Online donations to Heartbeat International are safe and secure. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

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Abortion Pill Rescue Network

Women in crisis feel alone, afraid to confide in someone or reach out for help, even to friends and family. In this isolation, chemical abortions are on the rise—but so are the pleas for help we receive through our helpline from women who change their minds after taking the abortion pill. They want to know if there’s still hope for their baby. With your support, we’re here to tell them there is hope. Within 24 hours a mother can change her mind and have one last chance to save her baby. APRN’s rescue protocol provides help and hope even after a woman has taken the first abortion pill.

The Heartbeat Difference

At the first sign of pregnancy, Heartbeat International's worldwide network of nearly 3,000 pro-life pregnancy help organizations is here. We provide comprehensive pregnancy help to the woman wherever she is on her journey. From seeing the flutter of the heartbeat on her first ultrasound, to teaching parenting classes or coordinating an adoption plan, and providing material aid throughout the pregnancy and beyond, we offer compassionate support so that no woman ever feels that abortion is her only option.

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