Alabaster Moms
A Ministry Charity Project of Capstone Legacy Foundation


Started by two unlikely friends, Shemaka Portley and Christina Wallis, Alabaster Moms was founded through miraculous and inspiring circumstances. Shemaka is a success story having rebounded from several relapses to rebuild her life and get her kids back from foster care. Christina, Shemaka's friend and mentor, was her children's foster mom. Now, together they work building a community for moms to come and find the support they need to change their family's destiny.

Alabaster is a support community for mothers who are working, and who have worked, a state Child Protective Services program to get their kids back. Recovering moms are often trapped in generational cycles of trauma and dysfunction, suffering from addictions and abuse. These ladies have limited time to learn new sets of healthy functional life skills- typically within 6-9 months. Because toxic communities and destructive supports have to be cut out, these women are often alone trying to figure out new tools for living in an almost impossible situation, difficult for anyone to succeed. In order to break the cycle and help these moms build new generational legacies of life, they need a strong healthy community. Made up of moms who have been down that road and succeeded, mentors to teach new skills, and volunteers & resources from in and around the communities, Alabaster is this community. Our Mission: To cultivate and reveal the significance, beauty and worth of recovering moms to themselves, to each other, to their family, and to society by providing opportunities to successfully create a thriving home, family and life using a community of support, mentorship, relationship, and resources. Our Purpose: To help recovering moms and their families survive and thrive Our Vision: To dramatically change future generations by breaking cycles of dysfunction & trauma and replace them with blessings & righteous inheritance Our Values: * Each woman has a unique destiny woven inside that is needed by the world around them. They have been beautifully designed for a purpose and it is never too late to become what is created within them. *Success is achieved through spiritual, physical, and mental strengthening. *Identity is God-given and the value of each woman is as precious as the alabaster jar of perfume poured out on the feet of Jesus. Nothing can remove this value she holds inside.

Together we can break the cycle and transform their future.

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