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101A Biblical Problem Solving (BPS)

101A Biblical Problem Solving (BPS) Product Photo

101A BPS--How deep are you willing to go? Gain a clearer Biblical worldview, a better understanding of your relationship and place in God's kingdom. This course is an intense “self-examination” experience in which one examines such issues as the source of problems, self esteem, trials, love, anger, fear and change. Students grow in his/her faith - 2 Peter 1:3, apply God’s word to every day life situations - 2 Tim 3:16-17, and have tools for helping others - Galatians 6:2. -- For SPRING SEMESTER the 101A BPS class meetings will be ONLINE on MONDAYS at 7pm starting 3/30. The course Syllabus with lecture outlines and homework assignments are sent via email. The supplement course book is required, "The Holiness of GOD" order through or another book distributor -- Register by selecting "add to cart and checkout" below. -- For questions contact us at 804-358-1343 or

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