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102B Building Biblical Relationships (BBR)

102B Building Biblical Relationships (BBR) Product Photo

102B BBR - We live in a culture that teaches us a great deal about prosperity, success, and the need to understand ourselves but has little to say about building and maintaining decent, life-giving relations. This course offers valuable insight into what GOD says about relating to the people around us and covers topics such as singleness, the roles of husbands and wives, forgiveness and tough love. -- class meetings will be on WEDNESDAYS at 3pm. You will be provided access to course lectures, review one lecture a week prior to your class meeting. You will receive a Course Syllabus with outlines and homework assignments via email, if would like a paper copy note at checkout. The supplement course book is "The Holiness of GOD", order through -- Register for this course by selecting "add to cart and checkout" below. -- For questions contact us at 804-358-1343 or

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