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Hope is the knowledge that whatever sorrow, darkness, or uncertainty we encounter, God's love is there to offer protection and guidance. At the core of GCRTL is the call to serve as missionaries of hope in our community and beyond. Whether we are praying outside of an abortion clinic to offer help to those contemplating abortion or helping individuals and families with complex end-of-life decisions, we stand ready to share Christ's light in a world that so often is filled with darkness, fear, and grief.

Because of you, we continue to be humbled by what is happening in our community. Last year, the number of abortions in Ohio declined by 4768, but here in central Ohio the drop was 1138 (that's not a typo). We estimate that our new project, Faithful at the End of Life will reach thousands next year and untold numbers in years to come. Thank you for making this possible through your prayers, your friendship, your volunteerism, and your financial support.

If you are interested in making a donation in lieu of a gift this Christmas—we will recognize your generosity with a beautiful gift card sent to you or directly to your recipient. Simply select the "in honor of" option below. To arrange for a bulk order of cards, please contact our office directly.

However you can give—even if it is just the gift of friendship. Thank you. We can’t say this enough: we are here because of you and because we are here thousands of families are choosing and living life. It is changing generations.

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