CLEP Test Scheduling Request Form

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) helps you receive college credit for course content you already know if you earn a qualifying score on a subject area examination. CLEP exams are 90-minute, multiple choice exams offered online in the Montreat College Testing Center. Exams cost approximately $93. To receive test credit at Montreat College, you must pass each exam with the ACE recommended score or higher. An official score report must be sent to Montreat College (CLEP code 5423). For updated information regarding this and all other important CLEP policies, please visit the CLEP section in the Montreat College Academic Catalog.

Registration Instructions

  1. Complete the form below to reserve a seat in our testing center and to schedule a specific date and time for your exam. The form will require you to pay your non-refundable and non-transferable, $25 administrative fee, so please have your credit or debit card available.
  2. Create an Account and register with CollegeBoard to pay the $93 CLEP exam fee through the MyAccount portal. Once you register, make sure to print your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket and be sure to present it on the day of your test. Test takers will not be permitted to take the CLEP test without a printed copy of the Exam Registration Ticket. A screenshot on a smart device will not be accepted.
  3. After completing the Montreat College online registration and scheduling process, check your email for the test registration confirmation. The College Board CLEP Exam Registration Ticket is required and must be presented on test day to be admitted to take your exam.

CLEP Exams Accepted by Montreat College for Credit:

Spring 2023 - All CLEP exams are held 2:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. on the following dates:

  • Students need Western Civ. I & II or 1 Western Civ. & 1 US History to meet the 6 required History hours.
  • Literature exams do NOT require the essay.
  • Additional hours in Mathematics and Natural Science can be applied to the Bachelor of Science.
  • For the World Languages, credit depends upon the score. Level 1 scores (a minimum of 50) will receive credit for the Elementary Level (6 hours). Scores of 59 on French, 60 on German, and 63 on Spanish for Level 2 will receive 6 hours for the Elementary Level and 3 hours for the Intermediate Level.
  • Website to access study guide materials:
  • Any CLEP exam that duplicates a Montreat course is noted. If students have already taken the equivalent course, do NOT register to take the corresponding exam because you will NOT be given duplicate credit.
  • After testing, allow 2-3 weeks to receive the official scores.
  • Students MUST wait six (6) full months before repeating and exam!