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Sharon Chancey Smith is a life coach, author, founder/non-profit, and speaker. After her son Seaver moved to heaven after battling Neuroblastoma Cancer for 2 1/2 years, her heart desired to honor the legacy her son left behind.

Seaver's 3 favorite things in the world were Jesus, his family and, books. Thirteen years ago, Sharon wrote the first draft of her children's book, The Special Little Sports Car. It sat on the back burner until a year ago when she pulled it back out and said it's time. She found an illustrator, Ron Head, who brought her vision to life. Then a friend introduced her to Kim Clark/Deep Water's Books, who has now made her dream a reality.

Sharon's ultimate goal is to help families get back to the basics and sit, read, hug, and snuggle together. Sharon said, "The art of spending quality time together has been lost and I want to help them rebuild the foundation God created. With the divorce rate as high as it is, and the dysfunction of the family unit, it's time for the Sit, Read, Hug, and Snuggle movement to begin. It's time for families to rise up, get back to the basics, spend quality time together, and sit, read, hug and snuggle."

The book, The Special Little Sports Car is now available, and the Sit, Read, Hug, and Snuggle non-profit is raising money to help distribute books to underprivileged children, Churches, Home-School organizations, Prison Ministries, Orphanages, Families, etc…

We want to see the Sit, Read, Hug, and Snuggle movement set the nation on fire. It's time to rebuild our family unit. Your contributions can help make this movement possible.

My name is Sharon Chancey Smith. By God's grace, I am a published author and founder of the Sit, Read, Hug, and Snuggle Non-Profit Movement. I am passionate about setting this movement on fire across the globe encouraging families to get back to the basics where they sit, read, hug, and snuggle together.

My goal is to get this book into as many homes, churches, prisons, schools as possible, despite the circumstances. I don't want anyone or any organization to be deprived due to finances. This is too critical. Our country is in a crisis and we need to do our part to rebuild the family unit.

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