What Makes Us Unique?

Based in Washington, DC, The Cook's Collective serves as the bridge between tastemakers and advocacy, training, education, and the promotion of working models.

By Us for Us
Our first focus: to improve mental health outcomes in the food and beverage industry. As a member of the Collective, you join a unique and special community of professionals and peers that set the priorities and agenda through an annual survey, which empowers members to use their voice.

We provide the tools, collective support, and opportunities for partnership with like-minded changemakers to drive the greatest social impact in their communities.

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At The Cook's Collective, the act of advocacy is healing, empowering, and meaningful. By making a donation, you support us in our mission to train tastemakers into policy advocates. Studies show that advocating for a good cause can boost mental well-being and happiness. Let a food service worker know they aren’t alone, let them know you have their back and support.