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My friend, Charissa, is a compassionate soul whose life was derailed years ago when she had to drop out of college to battle Lyme's disease, severe mold and biotoxin illness/CIRS, ME/CFS, and other illnesses.

Always thoughtful and considerate, her struggles have made her even more so.

She continues to face intense challenges--lack of stability, isolation, and dependence on others--financially and practically--as the basics of daily life take immense effort and often require help. Through it all, she has maintained an indomitable spirit and strong faith.

We are seeking donations to help Charissa maintain the progress she has made and not lose ground and slip backwards while she continues to press forward to gain new ground in her healing.

Financial gifts will support her:

  • Medical Treatment & Supplements: Charissa has a wonderful doctor who provides treatments that have made a significant difference for her and will help her heal but they are costly.
  • Basic Life Needs (Rent, Utilities, Food): Charissa receives disability income and has a few friends who are helping, but she is actively seeking a stable place to live, and food sensitivities make grocery shopping more expensive for her.
  • Dental Work: Charissa has a major amount of dental work that needs to be done as soon as possible but it will cost her more than a few thousand to cover.
  • Air Purifiers & Filters: Charissa moved from Maryland to Colorado so she could breathe in its beautiful, drier air and escape mold and humidity. But sadly, wildfires have increased her breathing problems both inside and outside. Air purifiers will help improve the quality of her indoor air.
Regular monthly support is also a huge help. If you would like to support monthly at any level it would make a difference in her financial stability.

You can also keep up with Charissa on her Facebook blog, Audacious Hope. If you're interested in a fuller version of her story, it's available here.
Thank you for your gifts of hope <3

“The other day, I watched a newly-formed Monarch butterfly fly away, free and full of life. As dark as my days can be, there is always a Heaven-sent reminder of hope around me if I will but look for it. And each one calls out to my heart to hope and believe that I will soon be just like that butterfly.” - Charissa

If you would prefer to cover a specific item or appointment, you can pick something from the following list and designate that in the comments section when you give.
Designated Gift Categories:
  • Air Purifier or Filters - $650
  • Virtual Doctor's Appointment - $200
  • In-Person Medical Treatment - Any Amount
  • Dental Work - Any Amount
  • Rent Fund - Any Amount
  • Gift Cards of any amount to Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and King Soopers (email can be found below)
  • contact her for details
Another way that you can support Charissa is by purchasing a Vollara Air and Surface Pro unit. This incredible air purifier uses NASA technology to cleanse the air and has even been proven to reduce the SARS CoV2 virus that causes Covid19 by 99.96% in the air within three minutes and on surfaces by 99.98% within a few hours. These units are used in the Cleveland Clinic, MLB locker rooms, doctor’s offices, businesses, and all over. You can purchase one here or reach out to Charissa for more information and discounts. Although she is not yet well enough to hold a job, she is hoping to begin selling these units which have made a massive difference for her personally in her own home with air quality issues.

"Whatever you are facing today, do not let go of your hope! I cannot count how many times I have wanted to stop fighting, stop enduring, stop hoping. And yet, if I had listened to those voices I would not be here today. Your story is not finished yet. There IS a new dawn ahead. Keep going! You are closer than you know." - Charissa

About the Organizer:

My name is Eva, and I am from the Bay Area. I met Charissa through an online community where we began messaging, and our friendship has grown as we continue to connect, pray and support one another.

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Designated Gift Categories