Washed By Water
A Ministry Charity Project of Capstone Legacy Foundation


No matter how many times she's pulled from the water, gasping for air, Michele still feels like she's drowning. Head half way under with barely a glint of light on the horizon. But an invisible force seems to be leading her all the same. Sometimes in the form of her beloved Grandma. With a cocaine-addicted mother and a rolodex of could-be father figures in her life, Michele's walls begin to close in after a traumatic event at the local amusement park. Deceived and then abused by a man posing as a policeman at the local carnival at just 11 years old, Michele becomes even more trapped in her home where drug and alcohol abuse run rampant. After two decades of physical, emotional, sexual and substance abuse, Michele clings to life within a frail shell of a body. But, God reveals Himself to Michele through the poor but generous friends she meets on the military base in Missouri with her new husband Marty, who joins the Marines. Her life becomes a battlefield in the ensuing years as she pursues complete healing from two decades of trauma. Michele goes under one last time, as a dying sinner. This time, when she's pulled up, she is resurrected. Born again, a brand new creation. Washed by the water, Michele discovers that her life is only just beginning. Her trauma and abuses become a vessel for her to share life-changing stories with others, and walk thousands of other drowning souls into complete freedom. This takes place through the washing of baptism, repentance, and most of all - forgiveness. Learning the importance of not leaving anyone behind, including the very people who abused, abandoned and coerced her into a drinking and cocaine addiction, Michele learns that letting go is the only path to true freedom. A compelling and inspiring film that reveals how forgiveness is a free gift, that when both given and received, can revive any soul.

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